Apartment 311

8 girls in one apartment sounds intimidating. Before arriving to Copenhagen, I was nervous about meeting the 7 other girls I would soon be living with for the entire semester. Although I had total faith in the DIS roommate matching system, it was only natural to be anxious about my new living environment. All that fear slipped away the moment I step foot in apartment 311. I was greeted by the most welcoming group of girls that I now consider some of my closest friends.

Stay Bryggen: I live in an apartment complex that also doubles as a hotel. It is considered a residential community through DIS because a majority of the people in my building are DIS students as well as all my roommates. I share a double room with my roommate Caroline, and a fully stocked apartment with 7 other girls. I will admit I’m living in total luxury with a full kitchen, washer/dryer, apartment gym, and maid service on Wednesdays. The only catch to this lifestyle is that I am somewhat far from the city center of Copenhagen. While the public transportation system is very reliable, I am at total mercy of the bus service which is not something I had experienced before moving here. Back home at Indiana University, I walk everywhere and I was expecting to do the same thing while abroad. I’ve always been somewhat anti-public transportation for no reason other than the fact that I was scared of getting on the wrong bus/train and ending up who knows where. I can confidently say that I am completely over that fear now though, and that is definitely due to living at Stay Bryggen.

Roomies: My roommates have already exceeded every expectation I had, and I’ve only known them for three weeks. We immediately all bonded over our love for exploring, socializing, and obsession with cheesy chick flick movies and The Office. So far, we have cooked several group dinners where Alex usually takes the lead in the kitchen while the rest of us chop up vegetables. Blake led us home from the bike shop where I trailed very far behind the rest of the group as I was still getting the hang of riding a bicycle again. Jordyn joined me on stage at a karaoke bar where we sang a Carrie Underwood song together. Alli and I have made a tradition out of meeting for happy hour after our late Tuesday classes. Mia is my go-to for all things planning and packing related. Cami is always down to talk about IU because both of her parents, as well as her brother went there. Caroline and I already know each other a little too well. Sharing a room with Caroline is like sharing a room with myself. We are both ridiculously organized, stay up late/wake up early, and share clothes on every occasion. I seriously could not have asked for a better group of girls to live with for the next four months.

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